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Seafood alternative marketing — often referred to as seafood direct marketing — involves fishermen taking on one or more steps in the typical long supply chain of buying, processing and distributing their catch, bringing them closer to seafood consumers (see figure below).  It includes ‘direct’ marketing, where fishermen sell their product directly to the ultimate consumer and not through others. It also includes fishermen selling their product to food service operators and retailers, who in turn sell it to the ultimate consumer. As such, alternative marketing encompasses the diversity of shorter supply chain marketing options.

Seafood alternative marketing expands the options available to fishermen for selling their catch and can provide economic and social benefits to fishing communities. Nonetheless, alternative marketing takes more time, effort, and often, new skills and additional expenses (see Considerations).

You do the jobs, incur the expenses and take the risks that someone else would have, and hopefully, you get paid those shares of the final value of the product.

— Fishermen’s Direct Marketing Manual (2007)

There’s nothing better than seeing people enjoy our product.

— East Coast Community Supported Fishery (CSF) Marketer (2012)