Project Team

This website was developed through a collaboration among many individuals from many groups: 

Website Lead Design Team

Carolynn Culver and Ashley Stroud, California Sea Grant and UC Santa Barbara
Monica Pessino, Christopher Cosner, and Molly Thomson, Ocean o' Graphics, Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara

Project Leaders* and Associated Staff

*Barbara L.E. Walker, UC Santa Barbara
*Carrie Pomeroy, California Sea Grant & UC Santa Cruz
*Carolynn Culver, California Sea Grant & UC Santa Barbara
*Kim Selkoe, UC Santa Barbara
Nikki Georgilas, California Sea Grant & UC Santa Cruz
Ashley Stroud, California Sea Grant & UC Santa Barbara
Mary Luna, California Sea Grant & UC Santa Barbara
Stephanie Thorton, UC Santa Barbara
Aliya Rubenstein, UC Santa Barbara
Victoria Stout, California Sea Grant & UC Santa Cruz
Sara Cannon, California Sea Grant & UC Santa Cruz

Associate Investigators

Jamie Doyle, Oregon Sea Grant 
Amber Von Harten, formerly with South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium
Stephanie Mutz, Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara
Pete Granger, Washington Sea Grant
Sarah Fisken, Washington Sea Grant 
Scott Baker, North Carolina Sea Grant
Sara Mirabilio, North Carolina Sea Grant
Barry Nash, North Carolina Sea Grant

Fishing Community Collaborators

Commercial fishermen, seafood buyers, restaurateurs, and fishing community harbor managers in: 

  • Maine
  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • Oregon
  • North Carolina 
  • Washington
  • South Carolina 

Project Advisory Committee

Laura Anderson, Local Ocean Seafood, Restauranteur/Retailer, OR
Susan Andreatta, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Professor, NC
Jeremy Brown, Barcarole, Commercial Fisherman/Alternative Marketer, WA
Fred Dockery, Dockery Seafood, Commercial Fisherman/Alternative Marketer, SC
Niaz Dorry, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, Fishing Community Organizer, MA
Mark & Kerry Marhefka, Abundant Seafood, Commercial Fisherman/Alternative Marketers, SC
Peter Philips, Philips Publishing Group, Publisher, WA 
Bill Rice, Fishtowne and Walking Fish, Retailer/Alternative Marketer, NC
Joe Romano, Seaview Crab Company, Commercial Fisherman/Alternative Marketer, NC
Mark Tognazzini, Bonnie Marietta, Commercial Fisherman/Alternative Marketer, CA

Additional Website Reviewers

Erik Chapman, New Hampshire Sea Grant 
Julie Davis, South Carolina Sea Grant 
Jeff Feldner, formerly with Oregon Sea Grant 
Quentin Fong, Marine Advisory Program, Alaska Sea Grant 
Madeleine Hall-Arber, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sea Grant 
Doris Hicks, Delaware Sea Grant 
Theresa Talley, California Sea Grant 
Pamela Tom, California Sea Grant, Emerita

Illustration Credits

The illustrations in this website were created by Allison Walkingshaw and may not be used without the written permission of the website authors (contact

Image Credits

The photographs were provided by the website project leaders unless otherwise specified. Photographs may not be used without the written permission of the website authors (contact